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Special: Appian Way Vespa Rome Tour


Rome, Italy



Take a Vespa tour on the ancient Via Appia, the most famous of roads leading to Rome, that once connected the capital to the Port of Brindisi in southeastern Italy. You will be amazed by the amount of history that lies under and around the 2,000 year old cobblestone. The road’s initial stretch is lined with the great monuments and ancient tombs of patrician Roman families. It was along the Appian Way that an escaping Peter encountered the vision of Christ, causing him to go back to the city to face subsequent martyrdom. On this road Spartacus was crucified along with his army and under this road early Christians buried their dead in massive underground catacombs. If you’re in Rome on a Sunday, when the road is closed to cars, you don’t want to miss this fantastic and ideal place for a different and special Vespa tour.

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